Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Days 147 to 152 and only 225 to go.

Cars we met on this trip around France.I have to admit that the month in France has thrown me out a bit but tomorrow we fly out for Australia and Melbourne and things will return to normal - whatever is normal in our life, that is.

Day 147 - 230 to go
As I walked out with a baguette under my arm in Saint Remy de Provence I spied this early Peugeot utility. Not a common sight these days. Luck I had my camera.
Day 148 - 229 to go
Seen in Provence - obviously an obsessive 2CV enthusiast.
Day 149 - 228 to go
I've had a few of these in the garage over the years. The Traction Avant always holds a soft spot in my affairs with French cars. Seen at a Citroen museum at Castellane near the Canyon Verdon.
Day 150 - 227 to go
A latter model 2CV with the square eyes. Looking a little sad in Carccassone - South of France in the Languedoc.
Day 151 - 226 to go
I'd always had a hankering for a Citroen Dyane. Seen in Chinon.
Day 152 - 225 to go
The car to the right was my very first running car - it was a Renault Dauphine.
My father bought it for me because it was slow and cheap.
The car to the left was one that Sue's mother had. In Australia it was called the Renault 750. In France maybe it was a Renault 4CV but tell me if I'm wrong.
Both seen in my carry-on at the moment headed for Melbourne.


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Great catch up of photos of local cars. Hope you have a safe trip home and look forward to your next visit :)Diane

Leon and Sue Sims said...

Sitting in the Singapore lounge, preparing for the long trip home Diane.